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Miller Management & Consulting Services, Inc. (MMCS) is a nationally known consultancy, founded in 1993, with the resources and where-with-all to bring many generations of success and experience to any project. We specialize in all types of Convenience Retail,  focusing on Traditional Convenience Retailing, Foodservice (On-the-Go) Retailing, and Strategic Business Planning. Convenience retail is not just convenience stores; any business who has a primary focus of serving the customer where the customer is in a hurry and needs something for immediate use or consumption, would be within our scope of services.

Business examples other than traditional convenience stores: Quick service food establishments, truck stops, travel plazas, airport retail, retail kiosks, bowling centers, movie theatres, coffee cafes,  building lobby retail, Military shopettes, and mass transit retailing are just a few examples of business types that would all offer convenience retailing opportunities!