Our Clients!

Listed below some of our most recognizable clients that Miller Management & Consulting Services has worked with over the years. While this list is by no means complete, it aims to illustrate the wide array of companies that have found our services useful and suited to their needs.

McDonald's Corporation
MMCS was part of the team tasked to create and open the first of the co-branded sites introducing McDonald's and a Convenience Store sharing the same building and operating as an integrated unit.

Mobil Asia Pacific
We provided resources to help work with vendors while assisting with product selection, merchandise/stock, and opening of the International On-the-Run concept stores in Malaysia, Singapore, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Guam and Spain.

Plaid Pantry
MMCS provided consulting and hands-on training and assistance with store operations, as well as provided personnel assessment services during and after the company's bankruptcy.

Ruiz Foods
MMCS conducted detailed research into merchandising "Best Practices" as well as consumer behavior as it relates to Roller Grill products and sales.