"Larry is a quality guy with a great skill set and knack for getting deals done."
Ian Byrd, Director of Sales, Chester's International

“Larry Miller has provided my company the opportunity through his work to stay relevant in our business and to embrace the marketing changes in the convenience store retail channel. It is my contention that without Larry's help and guidance Minit Stop, as a chain, would be a victim of the changing marketplace rather then a chain that is able to flourish. Larry helped Minit Stop understand and cultivate the opportunities we have as a chain. With his guidance and support we were able to recognize and exploit our strengths and mitigate our weaknesses which has placed us as one of the better performing convenience store chains in the State of Hawaii. Any business whose being challenged with today's market changes and direction would do well to hire Larry to help them define their path to success and at times survival, as his knowledge of best practices in the convenience store channel is unparalleled. Mahalo!”  
Kim Robello, Marketing Manager, Minit Stop

“Larry is a great resource in the convenience store industry. Our organization utilized him in a series of transactions. In addition to being a gentleman to deal with, he is a professional in his approach and well-networked throughout the industry.”
Jay Bastian, SVP, National Retail Properties

“Larry is one of the foremost experts on C-Store management and has an emphasis in foodservice. He has served on the Board of our 100 convenience store company as well as consulted on strategy. We highly recommend Larry as a consultant who sees the big picture.”
Mark Conan, VP of Finance & CFO, Plaid Pantries, Inc

“Throughout the time I have known Larry, he has consistently demonstrated all of the attributes that yield success in business and in life. Larry has the utmost integrity, is passionate about what he does, and can be relied upon to get the job done the right way. His industry-specific knowledge is second to none and anyone needing his services would be well advised to engage him.”
Jeremy Sloane, Of Counsel, Senterfitt

“Larry engaged MicroApplications, Inc. to help take ALM Business Media's then-new property, On-the-Go Foodservice, which included a print magazine, onto the web. The obvious choice was a Content Management System, which I helped select, and then customized and implemented. Larry's vision, imagination, grasp of technical concepts, and management helped a small team of five bring this project live in less than three months and well under budget. Larry understands what it means to deliver business value to his customers, and to extract maximum performance from his team in a way that excites and gladdens all participants. He is a practitioner of the FISH concept: Be There, Have Fun, Make Their Day, and Choose Your Attitude. See my blog entry at or the On-the-Go Foodservice web site at for more information about what Larry can accomplish.”
Bob Baker, President, MicroApplications, Inc.

“Larry Miller is a consummate upper level Sales Executive and General Manager. He can reach out to customers as well as internal Corporate Managers and offer convincing arguments allowing partnerships and trusting relationships to develop. Larry is able to absorb information quickly and use that information constructively to enhance existing plans or redirect efforts to maximize sales or profit potential. Larry has a dynamic leadership style, which energizes his employees to act as business partners. His work ethic is infectious and allows him to get the most from his staff. Larry is honest, trustworthy and dedicated. His work as the VP General Manager of Duke Manufacturing's Convenience Division is proof of his competencies as he managed to grow the Division at the rate of 100% for three consecutive years.”
Ed LeMarbe, Director of Sales Engineering, Duke Manufacturing